Complete Installation Services -
“This is to recommend the services of Complete Installation Services. Rob has successfully looped my apartment and my hearing ability is markedly improved. Rob is friendly and competent - it has been a delight to know him." - Dr. Martin Finkel
"Very professional, very acute and straight forward. Complete Installation Services has done a great job for us on many occasions. Rob has always been very timely and very methodical in his approach to the different situations that we have confronted him with.” -  Mr. Fareed Ahmed 
“Being a retired techie from Wall St. for over 40 yers, the last thing I felt like doing was installing my 2 new flat screen TV's on my wall - no way. Upon high recommendation, I had Complete Installation Services perform the task for me. The job was done absolutely beautifully! I was so happy with not only the results, but also with the opportunity to work with true professionals” - Janet C. Love