Complete Installation Services -
Induction Field Loop Systems 
All prices include the cost of the equipment
Personal Loop -                                                                                    $350.00     Our most economical option is the personal loop. For many customers this is all that is required. The Personal Loop utilizes the inLOOP 300 model. We install the loop antenna under a specific area such as a couch or a recliner, connect the amplifier to your TV or sound system. We then test and demonstrate the system for the customer.
Small Room Loop -                                                                               $450.00     This installation package will cover many average residential rooms. The amplifier included is rated to cover an area of 300 sf - the inLOOP 300. The installer will place the loop antenna around the perimeter of the space. After the installation, the installer will connect the amplifier to your TV or sound system, test the signal and demonstrate the system for the customer.
Large Room Loop -                                                                               $600.00   The Large Room Loop installation package includes the inLOOP 600 amplifier, which is capable of covering an area of up to 800sf. The installation includes the placement of the loop antenna around the perimeter of the space. After the installation the installer will connect the amplifier to your sound source, test the signal and demonstrate the system for the customer.
Commercial Loops -                                                                              Contact us Induction loop technology is an outstanding investment for your organization. Beyond offering compliance with the law and equal access for all of your patrons, loop systems help you connect with your audience. Whether you would like to loop your Church, Theater, Community Center, Auditorium or a conference room, we can help. As each job is priced according to the size and materials used in the space we are looping, all commercial jobs are priced individually. Please fill out the request form and send it to us for a price quote tailored for your needs.
Counter Loops -                                                                                    $500.00  
We also provide cost effective solutions for any POS such as a teller window, box office or a pharmacist consultation area. There are a few times when accurate and easy communication is required between your staff and your patrons. The installation of a counter loop system can transform your patrons experience from one of frustration and stress to one of effortlessness and accuracy.   
Custom Home Theaters 
TV Wall Mount - (Mounting Bracket included)                                          $200.00 The TV wall mount installation package include everything you need to get your TV on the wall. Our technicians will arrive with a slim fit, tilting mounting bracket for your TV. They will mount the bracket, run all required wires through the wall to a location bellow the TV. All of your components will be connected and tested. Our installers will then demonstrate the system to you and answer any of your questions.
Basic Home Theater Setup -                                                                   $250.00    
This installation package begins with a site survey. Our expert installation technicians will evaluate your space, determine the best options and share them with you for your approval. After the design plan is set, our team will install all of the speakers in a 5.1 surround sound system. Speakers will be placed on stands or on furniture in your room. The wires will be run neatly along the baseboard in most situations. Additional wire concealment options might be available as an upgrade, dependent upon the construction of and available access within the room we are working. We will then connect all of the components, perform a system test and then demonstrate it to the customer.
Deluxe Home Theater Setup -                                                                 $350.00
The deluxe installation package includes all of the elements of the Basic Home Theater Setup, and the addition of wall mounting and wire concealment of 2 speakers (brackets not included in price). 
Premium Home Theater Setup -                                                              $475.00 
The premium installation package includes all of the elements of the Basic Home Theater Setup, and the addition of wall mounting and wire concealment of all 5 speakers (brackets not included).
Universal Remote Control -                                                                     $250.00    
One remote to rule them all... This is our most requested customer upgrade. With this package, we provide you with one of the best universal remote controls on the market, the Harmony 650. Our installer will set up and program the remote according to the specific requirements of your Home Theater or entertainment system. This advanced device requires PC access to activate and over an hour to set up, but it is well worth the wait. Not only will this one remote control all of your various components seamlessly, our installer will program up to 3 macros or short cuts on the device that will allow you to easily switch between different entertainment options. For example - while watching TV you decide to play a DVD. Instead of having to press 5 buttons to switch the TV, the stereo, the DVD, then play.... Now you can hit one button and the remote does it all.
Component Setup -                                                                                 $80.00
Our installer will connect any new device that you want to add to your system. From a new DVD player or VCR to a game system or a stereo receiver. As with all installations are team will thoroughly test and demonstrate the new components for the customer.  
Service Calls -                                                                           $60.00 - $80.00
Are you having difficulty with your existing system? Our experienced technicians are available to assist you with the operation and enjoyment of your electronic systems. From home theaters and induction loop systems to complex distributed audio, we can help you improve the performance and fix the quirks of your existing system. We will travel to you site, survey the system, observe its performance issues, diagnose the cause and suggest remedies. Wherever possible, we strive to fix or adjust your existing equipment before suggesting replacement.
Special Projects -                                                                                  Contact us
We are alway open to work with our customers on special projects. If you have a project in mind or a challenging problem, contact us for a free consultation. Our expert installation technicians have years of experience and a wide variety of skills to bring to your project. Bring us your problems - we specialize in solutions.
*** The services described in our menu are represent a general description of the scope of work provided. As every space is different, additional charges might be required for the installation to be completed. These charges reflect the additional time & materials necessary to best complete the work. Examples include; poor access to a space, alterations to masonry, custom carpentry, wire runs through a firewall, drop-bury of cables, etc... In the event that such charges are required, they will be fully disclosed prior to the work being performed.